About me

Artist based in Hertfordshire, England.I was born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in 1961.
After leaving school I was accepted at Amersham college to study art for diploma. During the three years here I decided to specialise in painting.

I was accepted at the Slade School of Art at University College London. Graduating in 1985.
After graduating my work featured at the '85 Degree show at the Serpentine gallery London and at the leicester schools show.

I continued to paint until 1989. Living in a small London flat  and the birth of my son in 1989 led to a need for a more secure income and I began to work fulltime for a Fine Art Shipping company. At this stage I gave up painting. Fifteen years later I met my wife Sue who encouraged me to set up a studio and paint again. This was for me the most wonderful gift. I now spend as much time as possible  making art ,with the backing and support of an amazing, understanding and patient wife! 
I continue to work fulltime but have managed to paint and sell work privately to buyers in England, Kenya, Luxembourg, Italy and the United States.


I paint a variety of subjects. I have often during my life lived very near to woodland and spent a couple of years on the Thames, which have been regular inspiration for landscape work. I have always had a fascination with figure work and feelings and auras associated with people. Most of my work is occupied by this.


I try to capture emotions and atmospheres in my pictures. Using many different materials helps to keep the processes fresh and constantly experimental. The pieces are evolved and developed not planned and executed,a way of creating that is always exciting as the route to the finished product is never predictable but a journey through at times agony, pain and despair through to wonder,joy and huge contentment. Painting for me is living. Really living!




My work is constantly developing through influences and inspirations both from other artists, my personal relationships and the world around me.

Growing up I loved being taken to museums and galleries, discovering many amazing artists. my earliest work was most likely simple imitations of the impressionists! Picasso and Miro were perhaps unsurprisingly work I found young and have loved since. The first art that I believe directly influenced my work was that of Pierre Bonnard and Eduard Vuillard. When I went to art school I discovered the work of David Bomberg which led me ( in a rather disorganised and unchronalogical way) to Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff. I found myself being drawn towards British artists like Ivon Hitchens, John Piper, Alan Davie, Henry Moore, Peter Lanyon, Gillian Ayers and Barbara Hepworth to name but a few. I love the work of the American Abstract Expressionist Movement, particularly Willem De Kooning.

I try to create or capture mood and feeling in my work that the viewer can feel and at the same time create a picture that is attractive and pleasurable.

I like to experiment with many varied media in my work and often mix them. I believe that this keeps my work and the process of producing it fresh and interesting